Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ask me questions about "Introvert & Extrovert."

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

"I am an extrovert by nature like a media."^ ^;...

"What is life after death?"^ ^;...

When was the last time you gave flowers?

"The last time i gave flowers to my ALTAR is 2009 my only one son 9th Birthday."^ ^;...

"What is life after death?"^ ^;...

What was the weirdest gift you ever received?

"The wierdest gift i ever recieved is 25 cents PHP."^ ^;...

"What is life after death?"^ ^;...

Star Trek or Star Wars?

"I Love Star Wars."^ ^;...

"What is life after death?"^ ^;...

What's your favorite city?

"My favorite city is SM city of the Philippines."^ ^;...

"What is life after death?"^ ^;...

What was your favorite book as a child?

"My favorite book is a Drawing Book."^ ^;...

"What is life after death?"^ ^;...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"We share the greatness, In everything we serve"^ ^;...

           "We share the greatness, In everything we serve"^  ^;...

"I am a Libran [TIGER], designated female born citizen of the Republic of the Philippines resides at : 38 Unit Villa Severa Townhouse #7 Hasmin Street Ramirez Subdivision Novaliches Quezon City, I am a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Patricio Gaon Espela/Purification Colinayo Espela a third child of four children namely: MariaCristina/Erwin/MariaClariza/Edrin, I was born since September 26,1974 a Mother of an only one son name: Mr. JochenKarl Colinayo  Espela,  I am an Artist by nature, I am running my websites as a Chairman Executive Owner of: I like a broadminded person, friendly, obedient, patient, honest, trustworthy, talented, intelligent, courageous, disciplinary, & full of wisdom aware in everything with fear in GOD,
my full name is:  MariaClariza Colinayo Espela
 Nheng/Riza/ma.clariza/clarizamariable/mariaclariza/clarizamaria"^ ^;...

"Air Recipient"^ ^;...

"The recipient of something is the person receiving it, that when we took out in ourselves we will feel pain it is a death of fear about pain, an [Air Recipient] after our breath took place out in this world we really had so many recipient, most especially in the Web that has many connections regarding to our nickname in that situation our [SOUL] is behind with this [Air Recipient] our lives is not anymore heavy with this group all will never be neglected, our air is universal includes living things, non-living things, What if a breath is never been recognized?... like for instance, a famous breath to unfamous breath this story revolves in our popularity so many [SOUL] is already departed they only reaching themselves by a solidity of a mirror this creation is never been far in our society the [Air Recipient] is their way to spread out in their womb or in their thomb an [Air Repcipient] will be the only way to survive from death out with this earth, the [SOUL] is an

  [Air Recipient] towards us in many dimensions full of mysteries."^ ^;...

June 15,2011
Wednesday, 02:21 PM

"Everywhere in the Web"^ ^;...

"We are not anymore naive, when we sit & take our P.C. whenever feel bored and we ussually has many choices where to go first but; when we say touch it really comes in our think to do our task for ourselves as what we could explain that when we are in a deskstop we are having a CPU, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse & etc...and in another way of having our P.C. like Laptop & ipad this technology is never far with each other our breath is always having a new feeling dealing with this technology an everywhere to go is only in the Web not so difficult to know What else i never know?... more than What i want to know?... it is an exact emotion of a greatest achievement in What do you really want to achieve?... whenever we are already using the technology tree a branches of so many rootches it is really originated running in our vein it helps us to grow fast ahead with the coming generation and even our past may re-collect us by choosing, viewing, & commenting those are really exciting to be with this technology tree [Everywhere is in the Web] an ultimate breath that all could express & share in all purposes."^ ^;...

June 15,2011
Wednesday, 01:39 PM

I AM the love within.
I AM a courageous spirit.
I AM the heart that inspires.
I AM the purest of the pure.
I AM the infinite potential.
I AM me.

Straight to No. 1

Making Love Out of Nothing at all


The Distance Between Us

The More You Live,
The More You Love

Save A Prayer


Return to Innocence

Just A Dream

Hot In Here

Lip Like Sugar

Right Now

Don't Matter

Morning After Dark

Right Round

Smooth Criminal

Miles Away

Let's Get Started

Price Tag

Poker Face

Take On Me


Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This


Love Will Tear Us Apart

Lights On

[Im not Affraid] By: EMINEM